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21 Day Challenge - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I have turkey bacon or turkey sausage during the challenge?

A: No, If meat or poultry has a "special name" outside of just turkey, beef, pork, or chicken - it's processed (mechanically separated with added fillers and flavors). Processed meats are not allowed during the challenge.

Q: Does it matter what kind of yogurt I have?

A: Yes. Only eat/use plain, non-fat yogurt that does not contain sugar. Greek yogurt is best as it contains the most protein.

Q: Will you be sharing recipes or a meal plan?

A: No. Everyone had different dietary needs. I encourage you all to get creative or keep it basic. Only eat foods from the

Foods to Enjoy list.

Q: What's the difference between Oatmeal and Oats?

A: When I reference Oats, I mean Steel-cut oats. Steel-Cut oats are essential grains and are inherently full of nutritional value, high in B-vitamins, calcium, protein and fiber while low in salt and unsaturated fat.It's important to make the distinction especially since most oatmeal's contain added sugar for flavor.

Q: Can I use balsamic vinaigrette to season my food?

A: No. It contains sugar. Try making your own seasonings using items from the Foods to Enjoy list. ie. Fresh herbs, coconut oil, lemon, lime, yogurt, and seasoning with low or not sodium.

Q: What happens when if I eat something from the Foods to Avoid list?

A: Add an additional day to the challenge, but do not continue to indulge!

Q: Can I use Stevia?

A: This was a tough one, but since Stevia is derived from a plant (herb), it is allowed on the challenge, but in moderation!

Q: Can I have banana?

A: Yes. It's on the Foods to Enjoy list, but here's the kicker...you can only have half and it must have some green parts on the peel. The riper the banana, the sweeter it becomes...thus bad sugar.

Below is a list of things to keep in mind during the challenge:

1) Steam your vegetables. Using excessive heat to cook vegetables breaks down the nutrients you want to contain and use to your advantage.

2) Consume the bulk of your carbs (from fruits and grain) in the morning. It helps keep you energized throughout the day and doesn't sit on your body through the night.

3) Fill up on vegetables. Veggies will help to keep you satisfied and keep the cravings away.

4) Eat at least six times a day. This will also help keep you satisfied and keep the cravings away.

5) Stay empowered and motivated to complete this challenge. It's only 21 Days of your life! Post pics of your food and any motivational tips to www.facebook.com/BootcampCincinnati or www.facebook.com/denise.bryers.