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Kick Your Results into High Gear!


Here are a few golden rules for every transformer at Bootcamp Cincinnati.

  1. Refer to this Facebook Group for success (#BCC60Day Transformation Challenge)FOLLOW THE DAMN INSTRUCTIONS!!!!! If it’s written down on your meal plan do not eat it!  If it is not in the top 4 choices do not ask for permission!! It is like going to the bank and asking for your pin code and using a different pin cod instead.  So to keep it simple, do not ask if it’s okay to eat it.  We always strive for a 100% success rate.  We want this as bad as you do, let’s stick to the plan for 60 days.  Your success = our success.  We want it as much as you do.

  2. This group is created as a support group for us to motivate, encourage, ask questions and help each other. No complaining or negativity is allowed.  Please keep it positive and if you have a concern state it in a positive way. 

  3. No drama queens/kings-you will be expelled immediately. TRUST THE PROCESS! By working out and eating better you are going to get there.  It will happen. Weight loss is not a linear process, see the figure to the right.

  4. Please do not private message the trainers with questions. Pose you questions to the Facebook group. Chances are, someone else may have the same question and may benefit from the answer. Unless private, please state all your questions in the group.

  5. Be a giver. Please don’t be the person who always ask questions but never there to answer anyone else’s.  Participation is expected for everyone in this group.  If you’re not willing to participate please delete yourself form the group.  Participation in the forum is not mandatory, but we do house valuable documents here and we highly recommend your positive participation.

  6. If you want a response from me or anyone make sure to tag them.  Be reasonable in expectations.  Nobody should expect instant response but we will do all we can to help!

  7. Once you achieve your desired results, you are allowed to roll it over for another challenge.  Once you opt out of a challenge you do not qualify to roll it over. 

  8. If you have 40 or more pounds to lose you have to roll it over each challenge until you reach your ideal weight or goal.

  9. You much check in at Bootcamp Cincinnati Personal

    Training and Fitness while you attend classes on YOUR personal profile page every day that you work out.  This is or marketing strategy and the only way we can offer this program at a low cost.

  10. Please, no matter what, be happy about your progress.  You are ultimately working out for your health.  We are going to do everything in our power to help you reach your goals without resulting to unhealthy practices.  But please do not get frustrated, bummed out or discouraged if for one reason or another you didn’t hit your goal on the first challenge.  I promise you that once you see your pictures side by side you will be very happy.  Take your own pictures if you want to see progress each week (it takes us a month to process all of the challenges.)

  11. Please do not ask us to make exceptions.  To protect the integrity of the program and make it fair to everyone, we must all follow the same rules. So not expectations.

  12. You must weigh in weekly and record your weight weekly.  Weigh ins are EVERY SATURDAY MORNING!  This is essential for getting results and this is the only way we can monitor your progress.

  13. To promote healthy habits we must weigh you every week. We do not condone extreme weight loss tactics or extreme fitness habits.  KEEP IT HEALTHY!

  14. TREAT THIS LIKE A 7 WEEK CHALLENGE to avoid panic.  DON’T PROCRASTINATE.  Start fast and finish strong.  People who procrastinate add extra stress to themselves and other in the group.

  15. Now, let’s work hard, FTDI (FOLLOW THE DAMN INSTRUCTIONS) and get some results.  We are here for you!!



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