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Carb Cycling Made Easy


Cardio is an important part in getting the best results. Your workouts will consist of strength training; core training, and stretching.  Cardio can combined to make a workout complete. Perform cardio based workout such as speed walking on the treadmill, incline walking on the treadmill, running on the treadmill, elliptical at high pace, high incline, or high resistance, spinning, stair master at high resistance, stair mill at moderate to fast pace, outdoor running, stadium steps and sprints, additional strength training, etc.  Complete at least 1 to 1.5 hours per session to help burn additional fat.  

Pre Work Out
Light Protein snacks and carbs (to fuel your body) are recommended before and within 30 minutes after a workout (for recovery)


Before and after each workout, it is important that you stretch the muscles you will be using. 
Stretching before a workout allows your body to become less prone to injury.  POST Stretches (stretching the muscles after your workout) helps to loosen the muscles and may alleviate soreness.


Breathe from your stomach during cardio.  This will allows you to take in more breath and fill your diaphragm. Breathing during exercise will help you increase your sets and performance.


Below are workouts designed to be more challenging to help you burn more calories during your session. 

ALWAYS warm up before beginning all cardio sessions by stretching for 5 minutes and walking on the treadmill for 5 minutes before beginning!  Also always cool down for 3-5 minutes of a low intensity when you are done on the machine.  For instance if you are on treadmill walk at 2.5 at no incline or if you are on Cybex Arc go at easiest setting and do the same on Stairmaster.


Outside Cardio

Complete 2 Rounds


Jog- 5 Minutes

Walking Lunges – 2 Minutes

Back Leg Raises  -2 Minutes

Sprint- 1 Minute

Jog – 10 Minutes

Duck Walks – 2 Minutes

Backwards walking lunges – 2 Minutes

Sprint- 1 Minute

Frog jumps- 1 Minutes

Jog Backwards- 2 Minutes

High Knees-1 Minute


Keep bands around knees the whole time

Repeat 5 times


20 Each leg Back Leg Raises

20 Squat Pulses

20 Full squats with hard squeeze at top

20 Each leg Back Leg Raises



Level 5- 1 Minute

Level 6- 1 Minute

Level 7-1 Minute

Level 8 – 1 Minute

Level 10 – 1 Minute


20 Each leg Back Leg Raises

20 Squat Pulses

20 Full squats with hard squeeze at top

30 Each leg Back Leg Raises


Level 9– 1 Minute

Level 8 – 1 Minute

Level 7 – 1 Minute

Level 6 – 1 Minute

Level 5 – 1 Minute

Steady State Cardio

50 Minute steady state session of your choice


Complete one round


Walk- Incline 4 speed 3.5- 5 Minutes

Walk Backwards- Incline 3 speed 3.5- 10 Minutes

Jog- Incline 1 Speed 5.5- 10 Minutes

Back Leg Raises - Incline 4 speed 2.0-10 Minutes

Walking Lunges- Incline 2 Speed 2.0- 10 Minutes

Jog- Incline 1 Speed 5.5- 5 Minutes



Arc Trainer

Level 4 Resistance 25 for  – 50 Minutes


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