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Carb Cycling Made Easy


Challengers! “As you all will soon come to know, it takes more than 60 days to make a habit.  We can surely accomplish great change to affirm our greatest potential.  We are busy, involved with family and community contributors.  When left to its own, the world will tend toward chaos amidst our daily duties.  Hold firm to the actualization of your dreams and potential beyond the spotlight of this challenge.”

Things to plan on during your 1st week and every step of the week:

  • SET ALARMS FOR MEAL TIME: Meal timing is the factor to establishing metabolism as we begin to stoke metabolism and fuel that lean muscle with fat stored. If you mess with the timing, you mess with the results


  • YOU WILL BE SORE: Keep moving, stretching, and breathing.  Stretch throughout the day.  Walk to get blood flowing. Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins.

  • YOU MAY FEEL DRAINED: Establish normal (or better) sleep patterns.  Ideally, strive for 7 plus hours as we condition the body physically and mentally.

  • YOU MAY HAVE HEADACHES: Keep up on your water, and get it in early in the day.,  Our bodies are busy processing and detoxifying from preservatives we cannot afford to get behind on water to help transport nutrients and clear waste. 

  • PLAN FOR CONTINGENCIES: No matter how well you think you’ve managed the plan, things come up (left lunch at home/shake fell off the car on the drive to work). Stash some extras in the office or in the care i.e. protein powder.


  • MEAL PREP: I think most people spend anywhere from 2-4 hours per week cooking and packing meal.


  • TECHNIQUE TAKES TIME: If these are totally new movements and workloads for you, take your time.  Strive for quality over quantity.  Establish techniques during early rounds and get better as rounds progress.



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